Thursday, 25 September 2008

The Book

This is the artists book I made when I decided I wanted to get back to a more hands on approach and feel to my work. I restricted myself to certain elements, those being letterforms, tape, acetate, pieces of graph paper, some file dividers and various papers I had lying around. I started to hold the initial pieces together and fix them into the book with staples and this became part of the working method and the aesthetic. I was inspired in many ways by the look of 'mechanical artwork', acetate or PMT overlays taped down with the information in black. The book itself was initially the vehicle to contain all of these experiments and exercises but soon started to become an object in its own right as the dividers and the work started to edge out of its constraints. It's a bit of a handful.


sarah said...

Gary P! I love this book! Would you ever consider making some of these into illustrations? I'm only questioning, as when i work in this manner, i usually end up at that point and I never know where to go with it. I love your cut and paste technique.

nina martell said...

hey gary... your work is beautiful.. they resemble birds..lovely!